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Equivalent Concrete Performance Concept

This is a methodology in which concrete compositions, deviating from the standardized compositions, are evaluated according to EN 206-1. By comparing the performances of the deviating composition with the standardized composition, the utilisation suitibility can be declared by means of a certificate. 

The Equivalent Concrete Performance Concept is a comparative test of a new concrete composition in relation to a reference composition of which the suitibility in certain applications generally is accepted. The reference mixtures are selected based on minimal composition requirements in a certain environmental class. These requirements are determined in the European standard EN 206-1. The cement content and watercement ratio are the most important components.

Because these two components deviate from the standard most of the time, the principle of minimum composition requirements (empirical approach) is not applicable, thus insisting a functional approach. In this approach, specimens of the new and the reference concrete are compared with one another on different properties:
• Compressive strength
• Resistance to carbonatation
• Chloride penetration
• Freeze-thaw resistance (with de-icing salts)
• Other possible requirements

The new concrete has to perform equally or better in all these fields. If this is proven, a utilisation certificate can be requested from authorized organizations.

The European standard (EN 206-1) for concrete determines minimum requirements for concrete compositions (content of cement, watercement ratio) for different environmental classes.
In some countries the European norm is extended by a national appendix, in which the functional testing according to the Equivalent Concrete Performance Concept is elaborated. In this appendix, test methods and requirements for mentionned durability aspects are described.
For Belgium, this is NBN B15-100, in the Netherlands this is the CUR recommendation 48.

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